Loads of impatients


I knit stuff...

...and, when I remember to, blog about it.

Change of plans...
Loads of impatients
Due to lack of a necessary number of responses, I'm putting the kibosh on the Sock Swap idea. I understand it can be difficult to commit to something that's a bit fiddly and time consuming, so I had a thought...

How 'bout a dish/wash/spa-cloth swap? Maybe two cloths per person?

Thoughts? Feels?

Knocking the dust off...
Loads of impatients
Popping in long enough to bring you this:



Ravelry update
meirwen nudged, so I updated my August Lady Sweater status. Is done and done:)

I will update the final projects for the SoSS this weekend. So that'll be done, too:)

Loads of impatients
Good morning! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and got lotsa great loot:)

So yeah, the thing is, the swap isn't completely over...yet. Hopefully I'll know where we stand SOON, cuz this is crazy. Once I have more details, I'll post pics...or something.

I was hoping to start another swap soon, but I'm a bit burnt out and need some time before launch.

Hope y'all have a great day! Pull out your knits, keep warm, and have a cuppa:)

Spendy MacCheap
Loads of impatients
I have Christmas money to spend.


I heart, heart, heart heathered and tweedy wools (which is why Jared Flood is my super-seckrit boyfriend) and I've been kinda dying to try the Beaverslide Dry Goods mule-spun yarn. Buy since y'all know I have a bit of the Scot (well, you do now), the price makes me twitch a bit because I could totally get a bag of Galway for the same general price.

But see here:

Ain't it grand????

The Galway:

in this color:

Argh!!!!!! Bangs head softly on desk.

Loads of impatients
Could evilnicola please step to the white courtesy phone?!

Thank you!

Wal-Mart has mitten clips in the baby section. Not in the children's or men's or women's or general accessory section, but in the baby section:/ Rly?

But still, MITTEN CLIPS!! Yay! And only $2 a pop. So I bought many.

Loads of impatients
SoSS is nearly over, just waiting for one more confirmation. Then I get to wrestle with Flickr. YAY:)

Christmas knitting is proceeding at a pace. A slow, tedious pace, but a pace.

OMG, nearly forgot! Knit 'n Style, February 2010 is out and, for a change, has some really awesome patterns! I know, right?! I have to admit, the clincher was the "Dancing Cable Gloves"(sooo pretty...).

Go see (gloves on pg 2):


Glenn Garry Vest
Red Heart Pullover
Swing Car Coat
Men's Aran Vest
Kilronan Cardigan
His Cable Pullover
Dancing Cable Gloves (!!! I can change them to mittens!!!)

Rob really likes:
Seed & Cell Pullover

My mom asked for a Christmas list. I included the Ultimate Sweater Machine. I am afeared!!! Could be bad, possibly fantastic. We'll see.

Sale Alert
Michael's has Paton's Classic Wool 2/$5. Yup. Jo-Ann's has the same 2/$10. Guess which I chose?

I walked away with 7 skeins of leaf green and 3 of currant. Enough for a sweater and one (possibly two or three) small project(s). Very Debbie Bliss. Going with that, I'm planning a "striped sweater" from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby. Possibly "cuffed bootees". Or hat/mitten set for me...

Anyways, the nice sales lady said that if they were out of anything I wanted, I could get a rain-check for when they re-stock. I didn't because that way lies a whole lot of danger and dramatic sighs (from Rob).

This was yesterday, hope it's still ongoing. Good luck!

Distressed and impatient
Woooeeeee!!!! I got mine:)

Will post pics tomorrow!

Thanks patrikia!


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