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Sale Alert
Michael's has Paton's Classic Wool 2/$5. Yup. Jo-Ann's has the same 2/$10. Guess which I chose?

I walked away with 7 skeins of leaf green and 3 of currant. Enough for a sweater and one (possibly two or three) small project(s). Very Debbie Bliss. Going with that, I'm planning a "striped sweater" from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby. Possibly "cuffed bootees". Or hat/mitten set for me...

Anyways, the nice sales lady said that if they were out of anything I wanted, I could get a rain-check for when they re-stock. I didn't because that way lies a whole lot of danger and dramatic sighs (from Rob).

This was yesterday, hope it's still ongoing. Good luck!


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